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Product Key: ■ BS5609 Part2 Approved  |  # Non-stock item, call us for more information  |  + UL Approved  |  ^ FSC Certified


Section Key New Code Description Adhesive Liner
5 BF154 Zig Zag White Peel R100 75WK
6 BF188 Fastransfer Plus Chill S2045N 61HG
6 BF189 Fastransfer Plus Peel R5000 61HG
7 BF172 Direct Thermal Top S Chill S2045N 61HG
7 BF177 Direct Thermal Top F Peel R5000 61HG
7 BF178 Direct Thermal Eco Chill S2045N 61HG
7 BF192 Direct Thermal Eco Perm S2000N 60HG

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