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Product Key: ■ BS5609 Part2 Approved  |  # Non-stock item, call us for more information  |  + UL Approved  |  ^ FSC Certified

Direct Thermal

Section Key New Code Description Adhesive Liner
25 BM178 Direct Thermal Economy Permanent 61HG
25 ^ BM165 Direct Thermal Economy Peelable 59HG
25 BM174 Direct Thermal Top Freeze Perm. 59HG
26 BM1006 Direct Thermal Matt White PP High Tack 61HG
26 NEW BM1008 Direct Thermal Gloss Clear PP Permanent 62WG
27 BM426 Direct Thermal Board 175mµ N/A N/A

White Papers

Section Key New Code Description Adhesive Liner
28 ^ BM500 Vellum 80 Permanent 61HG
28 ^ BM700 Vellum 80 High Tack 61HG
28 ^ BM501 Vellum 80 Peelable 61HG
28 BM503 Vellum 80 Layflat Permanent 88WK
28 BM504 Vellum 80 Layflat Peelable 88WK
28 NEW BM532 Semi Gloss Paper Permanent 23PET
28 ^ BM506 Semi Gloss Paper Permanent 61HG
28 ^ BM701 Semi Gloss MC80 High Tack 61HG
28 BM513 Semi Gloss MC80 Freeze Perm. 60HG
28 BM507 Semi Gloss Paper Peelable 61HG
28 BM706 Semi Gloss MC80 Book Peel 61HG
28 BM637 Semi Gloss MC80 Permanent 84WK
28 BM638 Semi Gloss MC80 Peelable 84WK
28 BM510 Premium Cast Coat 80 Permanent 62HG
28 BM511 Premium Cast Coat 80 Peelable 59HG

Fluoroscent Papers

Section Key New Code Description Adhesive Liner
29 BM522CH Radiant Chrome Litho Permanent 62WG
29 BM522GR Radiant Green Litho Permanent 62WG
29 BM522MA Radiant Magenta Litho Permanent 62WG
29 BM522RE Radiant Red Litho Permanent 62WG
29 BM522YE Radiant Yellow Litho Permanent 62WG
29 BM523CH Radiant Chrome Litho Peelable 62WG
29 BM523GR Radiant Green Litho Peelable 62WG
29 BM523MA Radiant Magenta Litho Peelable 62WG
29 BM523RE Radiant Red Litho Peelable 62WG
29 BM523YE Radiant Yellow Litho Peelable 62WG

Metallic Papers

Section Key New Code Description Adhesive Liner
30 BM550 Matt Silver Litho Permanent 80WG
30 # BM521 Matt Silver Litho Peelable 62HG
30 NEW BM561A Bright Silver Litho Permanent 65HG
30 BM560 Bright Gold Litho Permanent 59HG
30 NEW BM569 Bright Silver Metallised Paper Permanent 80WK

Special Papers

Section Key New Code Description Adhesive Liner
32 BM715 Brown Kraft Paper Permanent 62HG
32 BM1070 Dissolvable Paper (12 month shelf-life) Water Soluble 63HG
32 BM516 Gloss Black Litho Permanent 80WG
32 # NEW BM818 Velvet White Permanent 70WG
32 # NEW BM819 Velvet Black Permanent 70WG

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