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Product Withdrawal

Effective from 31/12/18 – due to a component no longer being REACH compliant the S660 adhesive will no longer be available.

As part of Avery Dennison’s continuous ongoing product development,  they have decided to replace the products using the S660 adhesive with suitable alternatives.

S660 adhesive contains the following substance in a concentration above 0.1%:

4-Nonylphenol, branched and linear, ethoxylated and is therefore not REACH compliant.

No more of this adhesive is made so we only have left what we have in Stock.

Products that are currently effected:


BF132 – New product code BF139 Bright silver Laminated Foil

BF140 – New product code BF143 Dull Silver Laminated Foil

BF128 – New product code BF148 Bright Gold Laminated Foil

BF136 – New product code BF149 Dull Gold Laminated Foil

BF081 – New product code BF083 Semi – Gloss MC90

BM082 – New product code BM084 Semi gloss Block out – Black


We do still have limited stocks of the original material available so order now to avoid disappointment.