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New Slitters at Baker Materials

Baker Labels makes £300k investment in two ASHE Slitters for materials department Baker Materials.

The ASHE Diamond and Solitaire slitters replace the previous Parklands that had run for 20 years and will add efficiency, extra safety and speed to production.

The Diamond slitter, (affectionately now named Neil) comprises of a duplex rewind section with rotary slitting and control console, a separate shaftless unwind stand and reel lift and an offload trolley. It can slit at speeds of up to 500 m per minute and has maximum web width of 1650mm.

The Solitaire slitter (now named Bruce) comprises a free-standing slitting / unwinding machine together with a separate shafted unwind stand and an offload trolley. It also has a maximum speed of 500 m per minute but with a maximum web width of 600mm.

slitter outside Bakers

Key New features:

  • Central gangways run through the presses giving operators access to observe the material and rollers at different points and manage any issues quickly.
  • A shaftless unwind that can be lowered to the height of the reel of material then lift it automatically providing a safer operation than previously as there’s less manual handling.
  • Differential winder that evens out the amount of torque/tension across the bar so multiple reels of different sizes can be slit correctly at the same time.
  • Lay down rollers that push the material down and the air out between the layers therefor reducing movement. This allows faster, more efficient winding.
  • Blade lights for clearer visibility during slitting.
  • Banana/bowed roller to enable running films without creasing.
  • Both slitters are run by digital touch screen. Initial training for operators on the new slitters has enabled the building of a bank of information to allow pre-loading of pre-set tensions that in turn allows automatic calibration of winder tension dependant on the diameter of the reel and the microns of the material.

Quote from Paul Sykes, Production Manager at Bakers

The continued challenge for us to be able to satisfy the demand from customers to provide them with a faster, even more efficient quality service was the driver behind us investing in two new slitters. The quality of the new ASHE Diamond and Solitaire slitters is fantastic and our Materials team have been working hard in training to adapt to the new kit.”


Baker Materials is the leading independent distributor of self-adhesive and non self-adhesive label materials in the UK. Offering a comprehensive range of around 450 branded and non-branded label products, they are a one-stop shop for the roll label printer. As a distributer for major brands such as  Avery Dennison, Raflatac, Lintec, DuPont, Arjobex, 3M, Manter, Smith & McLaurin, Kernow Coatings and Intercoat and with no high minimum order quantities, Baker Materials has the ability to provide customers with bespoke sizes in widths from 25mm and linear from 250m. Customers can order only what they require with zero waste and next day delivery.

As a facility for Baker Labels own label production it means they can react immediately and turn the job around quickly even if a customer needs a job on a specialist material that normally has long lead times or high minimums order quantities.

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We Wore it Pink!

As part of the Breast Cancer Now campaign, Bakers staff wore their best pink gear to work on Friday 18th October.

In addition, willing bakers contributed a huge range of cakes, biscuits and puddings that colleagues could enjoy for a donation. The event raised £248.02 for the Breast Cancer Now campaign that aims to fund research that will ensure that everyone that develops breast cancer lives and receives the support they need to live well.




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New Recycled Paper Available

BM570  is a white uncoated paper made of 100% recycled fibres, specially designed for office documentation, address labelling and other information labelling.

Suitable for inkjet, laser, flexo, offset and screen printing and available for next day delivery.

This material can be recycled in the cardboard recycling stream

Why order from Baker Materials?

  • No high MOQs
  • No long lead times
  • Slit to any width from 25mm
  • Free UK next day delivery for orders £65+ placed before 1pm
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Change of Staff at Bakers

Good-bye Tash!

It’s with a pinch of sadness that we will be waving farewell to our sales administrator Natasha Kinsella at the end of this week as she heads off on her globe trotting travels.

Natasha has been with us at Baker Materials since graduating from university in September 2017 and we’ve really grown quite attached to her. However we cannot  hold an adventurous young woman back and wish her well with her future endeavours. We’re sure you all feel the same.

Welcome Abbey!

We’d like to introduce you to Baker Materials’ new sales administrator Abbey Benstead.

Abbey Benstead

Abbey joined Bakers in February this year and has moved over from the Baker Labels team to join Nicola Kender in Materials. Of course it’s much more fun over on our side of the office and the commute is the same so it wasn’t a difficult decision for Abbey to make! She’s looking forward to getting her teeth into the new role, but learning about our stock of  400 materials takes time so  we appreciate your patience while she settles in.

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Grin and Bear It

Cardboard Cores for Animal Enrichment

We could “bearly” contain our squeals when we received these gorgeous images of Port Lympne resident Spectacled Bears playing with the cardboard cores we shipped to them this week.

Core Values

Heavy duty cardboard cores are a waste product produced when we slit down the master reels of self adhesive materials for label production. Depending on demand we can build up at least one or two pallet loads of cardboard cores in a month. We looked for new ways to recycle the cores that could re-use them in their orignal state rather than having to be broken down which uses more energy. Having previously discovered the animal enrichment program at Colchester Zoo and delivering cores to them we contacted other wildlife reserves to see if we could help them too.

Port Lympne Reserve in Kent were quick to respond saying they thought the cardboard cores would be perfect for their Spectacled Bear pair Oberon and Rina. The name Spectacled Bear comes from the markings around their eyes that sometimes resembles spectacles. Port Lympne has the largest Spectacled Bear enclosure in Europe. Food was placed inside the tubes, keeping the bears both physically and mentally stimulated and promoting natural foraging behaviours. Judging by the photos, it looked like the tubes were a bit hit for the two beautiful bears.

About Port Lympne Reserve:

Get ready to see over 700 rare and endangered animals, go on safari, see Kent’s only giraffe, spectacled bears the UK’s largest dinosaur collection and MUCH MUCH more…

Home to the UK’s original and authentic safari experiences, Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve offers a unique family adventure like no other zoo!  Set in over 600 acres, you will be transported to the plains of Africa and Asia to see animals roaming freely, then explore on foot to see big cats, small cats, primates, gorillas and many more animals before discovering life sized prehistoric creatures in Dinosaur Forest .

If you want to recommend any other wildlife reserve or zoo that would benefit from the cardboard cores please contact Kirsty Dailly by email

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Sweet Valentine

We’ll be sharing the love this week and adding sweet treats to orders shipped on Valentines Day.

We’re all heart ♥

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New Matt White Destructible Film

BM681 is a new matt white topcoated ultra destructible film designed to protect against product tampering, warranty fraud and asset theft. It has a unique balance of high tensile strength with low internal strength – making it easy to convert on press but incredibly hard to remove once applied.

Hard to remove, easy to print and zero breaks in waste matrix


Key Features

  • 50% higher tensile strength compared to conventional destructible vinyl
  • Fast conversion speed and reliable waste removal on press
  • Low internal strength when applied
  • Non-PVC
  • Cost effective for a wide range of applications
  • Superior topcoating for conventional and thermal transfer printing

Once applied, the film is extremely difficult to peel off and upon attempted removal the material fractures easily causing irreversible damage. Typical applications include asset labels, security seals, product warranty labels and pharmaceutical box seal labels.


Call us on 01277 281910 or email us to find out more or request samples.


Why order from Bakers?

  • No high minimum order quantities.
  • We slit to any width and linear is supplied in multiples of 250M
  • Free standard UK next day delivery with orders over £65 (orders to be placed by 1pm)
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Highlight on Sustainability

Have you heard about Rock Paper, the marble based material offering a radically different approach to sustainable material sourcing?

Available with both a peelable (BM579) and permanent (BM572) adhesive, this new material is made from calcium carbonate derived from marble mining waste (80%), together with up to 20% recycled high density polyethylene (mainly recycled plastic bottles).

Request Samples

Rock Paper enables very positive brand messaging around sustainability and gives converters a paper-like material that is tear resistant and waterproof while maintaining its ability to be recycled in the conventional recycling stream.

Key Features

  • Matt, soft touch, tear-resistant facestock
  • Waterproof, with a paper look and feel
  • Tree free and no water or bleach used during production
  • Food approval for moist, non-acidic foodstuffs and fatty foodstuffs
  • Can be recycled in the category 2 plastics recycle stream

Why order from Bakers?

  • No high minimum order quantities.
  • We slit to any width and linear is supplied in multiples of 250M
  • Free standard UK next day delivery with orders over £65 (orders to be placed by 1pm)


Click the Product brands below to view the different categories and download specification sheets:


Bakers Range Avery Dennison

Lintec  3M


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Product Withdrawal

Effective from 31/12/18 – due to a component no longer being REACH compliant the S660 adhesive will no longer be available.

As part of Avery Dennison’s continuous ongoing product development,  they have decided to replace the products using the S660 adhesive with suitable alternatives.

S660 adhesive contains the following substance in a concentration above 0.1%:

4-Nonylphenol, branched and linear, ethoxylated and is therefore not REACH compliant.

No more of this adhesive is made so we only have left what we have in Stock.

Products that are currently effected:


BF132 – New product code BF139 Bright silver Laminated Foil

BF140 – New product code BF143 Dull Silver Laminated Foil

BF128 – New product code BF148 Bright Gold Laminated Foil

BF136 – New product code BF149 Dull Gold Laminated Foil

BF081 – New product code BF083 Semi – Gloss MC90

BM082 – New product code BM084 Semi gloss Block out – Black


We do still have limited stocks of the original material available so order now to avoid disappointment.

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